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Hello, everyone! My name is Kristine Roces, a Beauty Vlogger from Manila, Philippines.r
I decided to make this video because whenever I go to thrift shops, I always see these fake makeup. r
I also see a lot of women flock stores that sell FAKE makeup. I was shocked that people ually buy these rip-off items. I also hear some stories where people buy high-end makeup from online shops thinking the items are original only to find out the items are ually fake! OMG!r
This video is for the people that are curious about FAKE MAKEUP. This is also an eye-opener for people that are planning to try counterfeit products. r
Some people tell me Im brave for ually applying these dangerous products on my skin. To be honest, I was scared! r
But if you see in the video, I do not have perfect skin to begin with. I used to have SEVERE acne before, so my skin has a lot of spots, scars and imperfections. I thought, my skin is already flawed and my skin and I have gone through much worse condition so Ill take this chance to be courageous and review these makeup for the curious viewers.r
For those that are not Filipino, I got the Makeup from Divisoria. Divisoria is a popular shopping district here in the Philippines where one could bargain clothes, shoes, bags, home items, gift items, party stuff and whole lot more! Sad but true, they sell a lot of counterfeit products, like the makeup I featured in this video.r
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Also, let us please refrain HATE. I made this video for people that are curious about fake makeup. I am not, in any way, promoting nor encouraging my viewers to buy these. Modesty aside, I get a lot of free high-end and branded stuff because I am a Blogger so I dont really need to buy fake items. But for the sake of my viewers and new viewers like YOU, I went ahead and sacrificed my skin. Let us not hate, instead let us appreciate. r
THANK YOU for watching! ^_^r
Here are the prices of the FAKE makeup: (Php 45 = USD 1 / $1)r
Liquid Foundation – Php 100 ($2)r
Paddle Brush – Php 200 ($4)r
Powder – Php 100 ($2)r
Liner Set – Php 100 ($2)r
Eyeshadow Palette – Php 200 ($4)r
Contour Duo – Php 150 ($3)r
Blender Sponge – Php 150 ($3)r
Lip Cream – Php 80 ($2)r
*I got all these FAKE products from 999 Mall, first floor (Divisoria). A Chinese-owned shop somewhere near the mall entrance/exit.r
DISCLAIMER : I am not, in any way, promoting, endorsing or encouraging my viewers to buy fake makeup. Using fake makeup could damage your skin and may cause health problems. I did the video for the sake of people that are curious about fake makeup.r
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