Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Glowing Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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No matter how breakneck Gwyneth Paltrow’s day is, her foolproof beauty routine can take her from the office to the party in a matter of minutes. From the secret to youthful skin, to a toxin-free bold red lip and an all natural fragrance that leaves her smelling smarter, watch how the actress cum wellness guru stays perennially fresh faced.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Glowing Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

99 thoughts on “Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Glowing Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue”

  1. seeing her i feel we Indians apply more makeup attimes , i mean look at her.. she dint do much of makeup bt still looking so kool n fresh.

  2. While you people are here in the comment section, she is in Bahamas on a private Jet sipping some Dom Perignon 😀 😀 😀

  3. Do people know that she owns goop right…. that’s like arguing about how kylie Jenner doesn’t have to pay for kylie cosmetics products

  4. I absolutely love her, and this video is about HER beauty tip, no-one have to like it. if you want to know, she is here to share…Of course she is advertising her own products, wouldn’t you do the same? I can’t afford trying any of her products, but it doesn’t mean they are not good…I would definitely try them all, if I could. Until then I will try other brands following the same routine….Thank You Gwyneth for sharing xxx

  5. exfoliating every day is so not good for your skin dear ,,,, it leaves it too bare, a slight skim of oïl on the face is great protection ,,, stripping it leaves it vulnerable ,,,,, but you are so pretty anyway ,,,

  6. The secret is in the expensive products. Honestly if you think that the price of the products doesn’t matter, think again. I normally use Loreal creams and once at the mall I tried Chanel and the rest of the days all I was thinking was to save money and buy the cream. When I finally had the money, I felt like I could use it on something more important, so never really bought it. Life is harsh when you are lower middle class 😀

  7. She looks beautiful…natural beauty…you can see what I eat..RAW primal diet..100 percenty raw…low low carbs..Ketosis…I wear NO foundation…and I am not a teen…I know a lot about health and radiance too…but we have a different philosophy…

  8. oh no! she rubbed the perfume! youare not supposed todo that, it breks the molecules nd the smell will not be genuine later on

  9. OK seriously her youthful skin comes from using that cream more than a couple times a week then it says Paul shit it clearly is her awesome plastic surgeon that she has with all that money and anyone who believes otherwise needs to get their fucking head checked

  10. Notice how when she tried to spray the perfume the first few pumps didn’t work, it’s like she’s never used it before 😏 I really wonder if these celebs really use their products.

  11. I used to like her but since she sold vaginal stones to women I wouldn’t listen to a word she has to say. Those things could cause infections and TSS. Plus she looks bad for her age so I’ll get my skin care advice from someone else.

  12. I’m very confused. She’s saying that she’s doing an “end of day” routine for glowing skin…and then she puts makeup over it? WTF is she doing putting makeup on at night?!

  13. Can someone tell me, how to record a makeup tutorial like Gwyneth Paltrow in the bathroom mirror? Where is the camera? Where do I put the camera to record in the mirror of my bathroom? How I do ? pleaseeeeeeee, can someone tell me?!!

  14. It is Al Johnson. I think all of your assets is pure beauty. I simply love you from head to tell. You have the most beautiful body in the most beautiful feet. Would really love to get it to you please leave me a message

  15. It’s amazing that she washed her face without touching her eye make up! I always struggle with this because I thought that I had to take that eye make up off, as well…

  16. I honestly just get a Huggies baby wipe… it’s the natural brand fragrance free and I wipe my makeup off with that lol.

  17. She forgot to mention her laser appointments and filler appointments and light therapy appointments and etc etc etccccccc

  18. Would like to learn more details on the beauty tips. Visit google and search: “Blast4beauty”. You can find wide range of new ideas to enhance your beauty.

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