How to Clean Makeup Brushes | Fast + Easy +Tips

28Aug - by My Touch Digital - 16 - In Makeup How-To People & Blogs
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Hey, guys! I think we all know that we should be cleaning our makeup brushes regularly. In this video, I explain why, when, what I use, and my process of how I clean my makeup brushes and sponges. I hope you find this helpful and motivating if you’re like I was and have dirty brushes in dire need of a deep clean. Enjoy and please subscribe for more!

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16 thoughts on “How to Clean Makeup Brushes | Fast + Easy +Tips”

  1. I’ve never heard of this soap. Did you get any irritation from the soap? I usually use Johnson & Johnson baby soap bc of my sensitive skin. It does a good job of cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges, but now I’m curious about this soap 😆

  2. Thanks for sharing! I saw the little silicone mats (not as big or great as the mitts) at the dollar store for $2. Going to try this 😊

  3. I am so bad about cleaning my make up brushes!! Loved this video, lots of great tips and I just happen to have a couple bars of Zote in my laundry room so I’m going to give that a try!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved this video, it was very simple and effective. Love your silicone glove idea too, talk about creative! Thanks for the video I really enjoyed it!!!

  5. Thanks for this info I was using dawn also. Got to get me some of that soap. Love that idea 💡
    TFS! BTW Did you get my email I sent you this evening? Love all my stuff! Thanks again💁🏼

  6. I’m going to have to pick some of that soap up!! It looks like it does a really good job and I love that it’s it’s super affordable!!!

  7. That’s a great idea about the silicone oven mitt! Plus, it’ll keep your hand out of the water/soap while you’re cleaning them. Win-Win!

  8. I have been using the same soap for the longest time. Heard from another beauty video it’s really effective. I don’t but those expensive tiny round soap from Sephora anymore. Lol

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