How to Clean Makeup Brushes | Mani Keny

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Hey my #MKrew what‘s UP.

This is how easily I clean my Makeup brushes in less than 10 minutes. Very easy and quick…Always clean your Brushes to avoid applying dirt and dust on your face. #makeupBrushes #HowtoCleanMakeupBrushes

Thank you all for watching. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to Clean Makeup Brushes | Mani Keny”

  1. Sis Mani, where did you get the cleaning device from?? That pink thingy????

    Honestly I don’t wash my brushes 😩😩😩🤧

    How often should one wash the brushes????

    Ah you allow them to air dry?!? Nice nice!!

  2. Hey #MKrew ,

    Hope y’all doin good. I got the pink scrub thing in primark for 2€ or less. And it’s so effective and easy to use. I always feel brand new when I use clean brushes and I feel like my makeup looks better 😝 😂 😝

    So please Wash your #makeupBrushes and thank me later 😉😉

    #CleanMakeupBrushes is life 😂

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