Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Beauty Routine

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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations. It’s also the perfect place to get beautiful skin with its three-step regimen: a lava scrub, silicia mud mask, and algae mask. If you’ll miss the glow up process, you can always bring the beauty products home! We tried the take-home mud masks to see if it’s worth taking a bit of Iceland home.

So, is a trip to the Blue Lagoon is really worth it? Watch full episodes of Destination Debunkers:

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100 thoughts on “Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Beauty Routine”

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  2. You get to use a silica mask that someone has also used. GROSS! Is the urea in the water also good for the skin?

  3. Oh who could have guessed that a great tourist destination like blue lagoon could be infiltrated by gay, whore, disgusting feministic western culture as we know it today.

  4. So everyone’s taking one big, hot bath together…??? It looks good initially, but on second thought… I might have to pass.

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  6. Something about community pools and Such jus gross me out and makes me think of the opposite of cleansing my skin. Lol am i the only one

  7. Bird poops in the pool. Tons of hair. Pee in the pool. Old face mask.
    *lady* *rubs* *it* *on* *her* *face*
    “It’s moisturizing my skin!”

  8. Awwww… I remember when that place was just a wastewater pond for a power plant… It was much nicer then.
    There were no temperature controls! You could swim right into a patch of boiling water if you wanted.

  9. What’s the point of cleaning your face with that water? 😂
    It full of dead skin and probably pee 😂

  10. I live in iceland haha lucy me


    I went to the bluelagoon onece and jumped in the pool

    Well stones in the pool cause i didn’t SEE THEM

    What im telling you is that the blue lagoon it not for kids

  11. the ride Otw to the lagoon is pretty cool too, if I recall correctly mountains, green moss and volcano rocks.. i wish to be back there everyday. Iceland is beautiful

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