In-Flight K-beauty Routine – How to Sheet Mask on a Plane | Glow Recipe

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Co-founders Sarah and Christine travel between Seoul and NYC all the time, giving them the time to perfect their in-flight K-beauty skincare routines. They share all their tips to survive long-haul flights and land on the ground with glowing and awake skin

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Glow Recipe is the only natural Korean beauty destination, uniquely curated by beauty industry experts. Co-founders Sarah and Christine leverage 20+ years of US & Korea beauty experience to bring the best natural, cruelty-free Korean skincare products stateside.

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19 thoughts on “In-Flight K-beauty Routine – How to Sheet Mask on a Plane | Glow Recipe”

  1. I love you guys but if your travel bags still have tags on them it’s hard to believe the authenticity of this, makes it feel more like an ad 😕

  2. I’m traveling from Toronto to Tokyo in a couple of months and this really made me think ahead of what i’ll need to bring on board. Question – I’m dying to know what brand and where you got the white hoodie that you’re wearing on the flight, so gorgeous!

  3. Happy New Year!! I wish you continued health, happiness, and success! I look forward to continue to learn and grow with you on learning more about Korean skin care rituals and skincare products. Thank you for teaching us, to achieve a better more beautiful complexion!

  4. I love that in the last few years I’m not the only ‘weirdo’ sheet masking in the plane (esp going to Asia) 😆

  5. hey guys, since i really value your opinons i wanted to ask what kbeauty products you can recommend for swollen eyes or/and dark circles?
    i know you did a video on that a year ago, but maybe there are new products you can recommend?

  6. When you cleanse, do you use your mist, or do you use water from the bathroom? I was kinda confused, because getting cleanser off seems easier with a towel or running water. How much time do you give between each sheet mask? Both of you have gorgeous skin!

  7. I’m a first time flyer. Is it best to do the sheet mask before you fly(inside the plane) or while you’re flying? (In the air)

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