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This is My BEAUTIFUL Daughter Londyn Skye- Karissa, she is 1 years young, already a Diva with her Bratuide to go along with it, lol Thumbs up for more videos with me and my children! (I have 2!) SUBSCRIBE For more! Love you!!!
Product Details:
1.) BH Cosmetics Pro Eyebrow kit
2.)lashes wispies
3.)bronzer: Bh cosmetics highlighting and bronzer kit
4.)Morphie Palette
5.)ANy Lip Gloss
6.) Any Glitter kit

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100 thoughts on “Mommy & Baby BEAUTY ROUTINE |SHAREESLOVE”

  1. I have a 1 Yr old babygirl and I’m a teen mom and not currently working so it’s hard to make that money to buy her clothes and things it’s hard rn and I just need some typa help ,I would really appreciate it if you reply πŸ’–BTW your Lil girl is so adorable !

  2. Omggg y’all are so beautiful!😍 and we have the same spray from Victoria secret. They had a $4.99 sale for perfumes and lotionsπŸ™‚

  3. I need baby clothes plz because my friend mom just had a baby and moved back to Puerto Rico and now they are having trouble getting food water and clothes because of the hurricane

  4. Hey love ❀️ I’m not sure if you already mentioned it but where’d you get your drake shirt from ?

  5. My cousin will be having a baby girl really soon, so I will take that offer for baby clothes if it is still out there (: she would greatly appreciate it.

  6. Your intro song!! I just uploaded a mommy morning routine too.. but I can’t wait until my daughter is born (I have a son now) so I can set up a lil beauty routine with her too. Great video!✨

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