My Beauty Routine⎮Skincare, Food & Exercise

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Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you my beauty routine, from skincare, body care, food and exercise, to my mind and soul. I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for watching! Remember true beauty comes from the inside, but on the outside you are also beautiful regardless. Have an amazing day! xxx

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94 thoughts on “My Beauty Routine⎮Skincare, Food & Exercise”

  1. Hey Jasmine
    Do you know Junior Eurovision and Eurovision? There’s this Polish song in Junior Eurovision 2017 called Moj Dom by Alicja Rega which sounds pretty good.

  2. Lovely video! Just wanted to mention a tip, it’s not really good to use scrubs(even gentle ones) everyday as well as using the brush because it can really damage your skins lipid barrier. Scrubs should only be used every 7 days if you need it. I really do believe if you tried this that you’d see a difference in your skins hydration levels within a couple weeks. Cleansing foams aren’t good for dry skin either. A cream cleanser would be good for your skin type. Body Shop’s Vitamin E cream cleanser or Innisfree Blueberry Cleanser is my go to. I personally have a dry type skin so I’m just trying to help you with advice that helped me. ❤️

  3. Every single time I watch your videos, I am amazed that despite being so young, you are not only happy, positive and knowledgeable, but WISE. I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching your videos! If I’m having a hectic week where I’m struggling to reign in my emotions and stay positive, all I have to do is watch your video/read your Instagram and I feel instantly lighter! You keep me on the track to a more calm and content life haha ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و Hopefully one day I can meet your Mum so I can tell her thank you for raising such an amazing young woman! (And your Dad of course haha – though we’ve never met him on your channel, I know he still plays a big part in your life). Lots of love! Until the next video~

  4. I really love your videos! I was not advancing on my study these days and I felt really frustrated but watching this video has made me feel better. Thank you very much Jasmine. I wish you the very best♡♡

  5. Did she by chance ever mention her work? I’m just kinda curious (just found her channel and I like her personality) and if she’s like a model or something, I could totally picture that.

  6. hi Jasmine, your video always give me positive vibe…BTW, how do you plan your workouts. I wish I m staying with my family so I can eat healthier?Is this an excuse? haha… Congratulations to almost reachin 100K.

  7. You are so positive and kind as a human being and honestly I wish more people could be as open minded as your are , loved this video ! Xx

  8. Knowing that you are treating your body with respect and care definitely boosts one’s self-confidence! My personal definition of beauty consists of kindness, good manners and self-confidence. 😊

  9. I feel like loving yourself is the key essential thing in order to love others. If we don’t know how to love ourselves it’s going to be harder to love those around around us. It just creates healthier relationships and lifestyles

  10. Congrats for 100k subscribers!!! I can’t believe it, I’m here since 20k and I’m absolutely loving you channel. You’re a true inspiration 💘

  11. Jasmine you are so beautiful inside and out! You videas are so soothing and make me so calm and happy! Hope you continue your YouTube channel! Congrats on 100k subscribers! You must put in a lot of effort and time. You truly deserve more subscribers:) My favotite excercise is walking too haha. People at my uni always complain about our classroom buildings are so far away but I just love it because I can walk more😂

  12. I think you should apply aloe Vera gel before putting sunscreen on. In fact, it depends on ingredients but sunscreens often contain alcohol and chemicals which stop skin from absorbing any moisturiser 💕

  13. 正能量小天使。。但是现在人都太忙了没有时间照顾自己。。别说做reflection了,有时候连吃饭睡觉都难以实现啊。。。这样的lifestyle固然好就是很难效仿

  14. I always feel motivated and thick of how much I can change myself to improve after watching your videos. Jasmine makes me realise what I can be. Like what am I doing with my life? We are the same age, both have a job and have been a “gap year” student this year. However, difference is jasmine thinks wisely and encourages people around her to challenge themselves and become better.

  15. 100k subscribers! Congrats 😀 you deserve all the love and support ❤️ Been binge watching all your videos and they’re amazing! I believe that your channel will continue to grow and reach another milestone soon ☺️

  16. All the food i ate today was basically just a bunch of junk which i feel guilty for but i did some exercise actually a lot of exercise i had to deliver a bunch of flyers anyway that’s the only thing i did healthy for today.

  17. thank you very much. I know all what you said, but I need to hear it again time to time to stay motivated.

  18. Thank youuuu Jasmine, I was feeling so lazy today even though I have lots to do, but you motivated me, again! ^^

    P.S.: waaah, I just noticed you’re near 110k subscribers, I feel so happy!!! Yout channel grew so fast

  19. What a positive video. My dear you are smart, you are kind and you are beautiful. Making the world smile. I’d love to have you as a best friend. God bless 💕

  20. What a refreshing Youtube Channel, free of all this fake beauty ideals.
    You are such an inspiration. And it’s amazing how wise and mature you are at such a young age.
    Your parents must be so proud of you!

  21. You are so lovely and elegant in such a younge wow 💕 also love your positive vibes 🤗 keep going with the amazing works!

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