MY BEAUTY SECRETS REVEALED! Skin Care Routine, Big Lashes, Tan Skin, & More!!

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YO YA GIRL IS BACK!!! I will have ALL the products linked here!! These are all my beauty secrets revealed!! Hope this helped!!


1. Lash Paradise Mascara –
2. Eye Lash Curler –
3. Eye Lash Comb –
4. Vega Lash Serum –
5. Fully Charged Mascara –
6. Blow Dyer –

1. Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Cream –
2. Chi Straightener –
3. Finishing Spray –
4. Wet Brush –

1. Burts Bees Brightening Face Wash –
2. Fresh Toner –
3. Lytera Pigment Corrector –
4. Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar –
5. Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker –
6. Fresh Under Eye Cream –

1. Crest 3D Brilliance Tooth Paste –
2. Crest Monthly Whitening Strips –

1. Loving Tan 2 hr Express –
2. Ulta Tanning Mit –
3. Ulta Face Tanning Mits –
4. Luxie Brushes –

1. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs –

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100 thoughts on “MY BEAUTY SECRETS REVEALED! Skin Care Routine, Big Lashes, Tan Skin, & More!!”

  1. I’ve had my chi for 7 years and still works like a charm! (: great brand
    And the plates are not damaged, scratched or burnt

  2. Y’all! She isn’t trying to say she’s perfect, she’s literally just giving tips that she uses to get (for ex.) silky hair, long lashes etc. She’s just saying how to achieve that, she certainly isn’t perfect because if you watch her vlogs you know she doesn’t always have everything together! She is certainly a great role model bc of the way she deals with situations. She is so beautiful and it’s not saying “I’m perfect and have everything together and i’m so pretty”. She’s literally just telling us life hacks on how to have better hair, better nails, pretty skin etc.She is absolutely gorgeous and these hacks def helped me and i’m totally using them!

  3. Honey you’re suppose to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. All you’re doing is damaging and/or pulling out your eyelashes. I couldn’t help but cringe.

  4. I think it’s the flawless legs part that bothers some people. I understand that you’re not saying you’re perfect, but this included in the thumbnail may give off the impression of saying that you are and that YOUR legs are what’s considered “flawless” in society. All body types are beautiful and imperfectly perfect in their own way. So perhaps think twice about your thumbnail next time.

  5. Even if you didn’t mean for this video to sound arrogant or cocky, you literally call parts of your body perfect and that can make people not feel good or confident in who they are. But I understand that this is what you do to achieve certain things, but just maybe be a little more humble…

  6. Girls if you want to grow your lashes in a cheap and vegan way just use CASTOR OIL. I did it and it was the most effective and quick way to grow my lashes. This oil can also be used in your hair and eyebrows. You will not need lots of mascara or to curl your lashes.

  7. Ngl ik your intention was to produce a video for beauty hacks but stating yourself as flawless is and can be interpreted arrogant and it could show your undermining others even though it’s not your intention. Next time, try not to state your perfect as click bait.. as this makes people “want to be perfect like you” if yano what I mean 😂😂 and kinda puts people off and gives them the allaby your cocky and arrogant..😂 even if your not ( we know your not lol)

  8. Okay there is honestly a different way to title this video. I completely understand the concept you’re going for but to simple but “perfect white teeth, tanned skin, and flawless legs, etc…” is very bold. It is very easy for your viewers to watch this video and see that as bragging or considering yourself “better” in a way. I enjoy your videos and like your channel a lot but I do have this say I found this surprising upsetting

  9. flossing and mouth wash are the best for your teeth … you’ll wear down your tooth enamel washing them up to four times :/ be careful

  10. Jeanine you are obviously very pretty and you have great advice i think it was just surprising for some people that you use a very powerful word (flawless) which means that it couldnt be better and that they are perfect. For a christian/Catholic only god is perfect

  11. For the lashes, I mildly heat up the eye lash curler prior to putting on mascara. Makes it less product that will stick on the curler after 🙂 Even better if you don’t want to use mascara for the day it will keep your lashes up for a loooong time ! 🤗 thanks for uploading this video!! 💛

  12. One tip: if you are trying to grow your lashes the number one thing you shouldn’t do is curl your lashes after applying mascera its really really bad especially if you are using heat on your lashes too its best to do it before mascara

  13. damn her “sleek healthy hair” it looks like it’s “sleek” but she says she uses the hair straightener everyday like DAMNNN B, take care of your hair.

  14. It’s not that she was TRYING to set these beauty standards. It’s that this is what everyone is seeing, especially young kids. These kinds of videos always proclaim “you don’t need to look like this to be beautiful because you are beautiful just the way you are” and then they proceed to give tips on how to look like them, which are the standards of beauty in this day and age. How can kids really believe that it’s okay to not look like a model if all they see is HOW to look like a model? THAT’S the problem with these videos, and that’s why people are upset.

  15. I love how Jeanine is so humble and sweet but she still has the confidence to be able to show her beauty secrets to all of us. I love how she wasn’t afraid to say tan goddess skin or long beautiful lashes because it shows how she feels so good about herself❤️

  16. I am not from Guatemala but all of my moms family is and I thought it was so cool how you are from Guatemala I now live in Texas

  17. omg please stop doing that to your lashes they def dont look attractive at all.. you look so beautiful even without the mascara..

  18. Hiiiii I do wanna say that although brushing your teeth 3x a day is great, make sure to wait 30-60 min after eating/snacking to brush your teeth or you can wear down your enamel! <3 a student dentist

    Definitely gonna use that one now! (if you don’t mind me borrowing it;)
    Also, I love your lashes! I’m gonna have to try the blow dryer method bc my lashes could use a little extra umph! Quick question: what do you use to remove your mascara?

  20. I believe there’s a great way to find out more about beauty tips. Just go to google and type: “Blast4beauty”. There are plenty of of unknown facts given here.

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