My Daily Beauty Routine: Kelsey Darragh

15Jun - by My Touch Digital - 100 - In Makeup How-To People & Blogs
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Get ready with Kelsey while she answers all the questions you submitted about her everyday beauty routine!

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100 thoughts on “My Daily Beauty Routine: Kelsey Darragh”

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why contouring needs to happen on the forehead. it just makes the forehead look dirty…

  2. I live for your paleness. As a pale person myself seeing you say that you don’t give a sh*t gives me a boost for confidence bc instead of hiding it you embrace it ❤️❤️

  3. im sorry but she has a creepy michael jackson cake face not sure if it’s all the makeup or..but those close-ups were terrifying

  4. This is actually really useful, I have similar eyelids and just tried doing my make up this way, look great thanks for introducing me to a new look!

  5. I haven t seen anyone saying that she should dye her hair a waaay cooler blond. This one is not flattering one her skin undertone

  6. Yeesh. You couldn’t pay me enough to do a makeup tutorial with all these trolls that just love to tear people down to make themselves feel better. You don’t have to make known every single thought in your head.

  7. Kelsey ur skin is honestly sooo beautiful. i live in an asian country and i would kill to hv that skin tone. if i had ur skin tone i would most probably have boys all wrapped around my fingers and a lot of friends. just saying bc in where i live, everyone with light skin gets everything.

  8. Kelsey you are BEAUTIFUL I love this look. I’m also one of those people who either have a full face or absolutely nothing on (Bridge Troll as you put it) But I try to take SUPER good care of my skin. I’m 27 but I still get I.D’ everywhere I go when I have my makeup on. Also, I think it’s amazing that you have such intense nerve pain regularly and STILL get as much productivity as you do and are so hilarious. My mother had an injury years ago and has severe nerve pain constantly (Nothing like yours. It’s her sciatica nerve) But I’ve witnessed her struggle daily since I was born. And anyone with the strength to keep going forward with their life EVEN THO they have absolutely EXCRUCIATING pain is so amazing. Love u girl!😙

  9. She looks like she knows what shes doing but i would do her makeup so much differently!!!
    she’s a natural beauty and i think a little bit dewier less coverage foundation would be nicer.. and a diffused bronzer would look kind of prettier in my own opinion

  10. Did anyone notice when she showed the liquid lipstick that it was really an ultra satin lip not a ultra matte lip?

  11. I think she would look so fly if she toned her hair and went cooler toned, even purple/silvery! Or if she wanted to stay warm toned then maybe a little bit lighter honey or rose color would look so good!!

  12. Kelsey you should do a video in which you go a day speaking your mind, your every thought, uncensored. I think you can be the only one that can handle it! I don’t know if the other girls can handle it… like you going around saying just what you think about everyone!

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