My Skin Care Routine

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Hi guys, heres a breakdown and list of products I used. Before that, I just want to let you know that this is not a sponsored video. I purchased all the products myself and Im not a beauty expert or dermatologist. So this is based on my experience and what works for me.r
I always choose natural ingredient products that dont contain paraben, perfume, silicon, artificial color or filler. On top of the routine, its also very important to know what not to eat! If you follow all the steps but continue to break out, get an allergy test or go to a dermatologist. It might be a hormonal issue. Ok, so here we go! r
1. Wash: Purity from Philosophyr
2. Toner: Mario Bedescu Geli Colic Acid Toner. r
3. Eye Cream: Amore Pacific r
4. Vitamin C serum: Mario Bedescur
5. SPF + Moisturizer: Josie Maran r
Repeat Day 1-3 r
4. Serum + Moisturizer: Tarte Maracuja Oil r
1. Hair Mask: Coconut Oil (Trader Joe) and Black Castor Oil (
You can leave it as long as you want (30 min minimum). Then wash it with shampoo and warm water.r
2. Facial at homer
Use a warm towel to open up your pores. Gently extr the white heads or simply pull out with a tweezer. r
3. Exfoliate: ZO Exfoliating Scrub.r
I got mine at Obaji in Alhambra. Look for my dear friend Cherry! ;)r
*Acne spot treatment: Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment. r
*Makeup Wipes: Neutrogenar
Never, never, never sleep with your makeup on or always wash your face before going to bed. If youre too tired, use makeup wipes! It also moisturizes at the same time! Love this one a lot! I also use it when I travel! r
*Sanitize your Brushesr
-Wash your brushes regularly, at least once a week. Wash it with equal part olive oil and anti berial dish soap.r
-Never use your brushes on a dirty face. r
If you have to do retouch, use anti berial spray on your face first! Youngblood Face Apray is really good! r
-Keep your brushes in a clean container to keep out dust and beria. r
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