My Sunday Spa Beauty Routine

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After a long week of games, play-dates, parties, dinners… and with the holiday season…. life is in hyper drive. But we still must carve a little time out for ourselves. Sunday is usually the day where I can find a few minutes for myself, to refresh and get ready to tackle another week. Here are some of my Sunday Spa Beauty Secrets for when I need to reboot.

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24 thoughts on “My Sunday Spa Beauty Routine”

  1. Your enthusiasm for products makes me want everything! Thank you for demonstrating the products too, it really helps to get an idea for them!

  2. Loved this video! My older daughter and baby boy have got me spinning most days! I need to get back into a better pampering routine. So easy you let yourself slip!

  3. Great timing! This season can be tough on skin due to dryness and glamming up for parties and indulging at times. Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely be trying some of these out.

  4. Love this so much, Molly! Got a good chuckle out of “cause I have a little bit of botox in there…and i’m honest!” Love the honesty and your channel <3

  5. You’re awesome Molly! I follow your channel and bought Mabel’s Labels for my kids and they are pricey, but worth it. I love the Botox admission bc well…me too girl!!! I have the Nuface in this video and I’m so glad you demonstrated it…just wish you would’ve done more bc I don’t know how to use mine completely and I’m a little scared of it. Do you use it daily?

  6. Thank you Molly! You just made me feel a lot more relaxed and motivated to take care of myself. Something I truly need one week away from my due date!

  7. Thanks for this great video. So good to learn to care for ourselves. It’s not selfish at all, it makes us better at being wives and moms and in my case a nurse. Keep the great stuff coming.

  8. Oh honey, your poor face was burning! Beyond that though, your skin does glow beautifully. Could you do a drug-store version, also? Your authenticity is endearing and relatable. Thanks!

  9. Oh my goodness, Molly! I needed this video and I need all of these products. You’re so right, as a mom myself, the week is so filled with never ending events, kids homework, cleaning, cooking. . .you name it. I would love to be able to have a spa day. Thank you for posting this!

  10. I just discovered your channel from Susan yara and I love your tips, tricks and recommendations they help me a lot! You are so humble and beautiful. Thank you, love you lots.

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