Nighttime Beauty Routine | Secret to Fuller Brows and Lashes!

4Dec - by My Touch Digital - 28 - In Howto & Style Makeup How-To
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28 thoughts on “Nighttime Beauty Routine | Secret to Fuller Brows and Lashes!”

  1. Would definitely want to see all your skincare products and how you incorporate all of them into you routine. The Olay brand seemed to be working well for you. I’d love to know if that changed 🙂

  2. You remind me so much of ciara …u have a sweet personality like her too. Of course u are still U and still unique just an observation. So beautiful X

  3. i seriously need to create an actual skin care routine. it used to be so effortless and my skin was great. now i have to try for it to be nice. thanks for sharing. please show us all your skin care products 🙂

  4. 🙋🏽 In attendance for the full skin care product video. I’ve seen you sport that headwrap many times before, is it satin?? I love headwraps and would love wearing on to bed. Did you get it at a BSS?

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