Olivia Wilde’s Simple & Natural Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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From glowing skin to her signature cat-eyes, Olivia Wilde serves up a play-by-play on her super simple and naturally minded morning prep.

“I’m a mom. I’ve got a job. I’m super lazy,” says a fresh-faced Olivia Wilde of her laid back beauty routine. Her demanding schedule (she has two dramas due out later this year) and nonchalance aside, the actress never looks anything short of a movie star.

Before heading out for the day in Brooklyn, Wilde, her shoulder-skimming brunette lengths scraped back in a half bun, serves up a play-by-play on her beauty routine, replete with makeup hacks and whip-smart one-liners.

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Olivia Wilde’s Simple & Natural Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

100 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde’s Simple & Natural Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue”

  1. i hate how they all pretend to use only concealer and never NEVER show in these vogue videos that they use foundation , it just makes girls insecure tbh

  2. Hi, I’m a singer/ songwriter & I also make fashion vids ⚡️♥️ I have some originals on my channel called Don’t Need His Love, Do Angels Cry, Year Without You, & more. It would mean the 🌍 if you listened to one.

  3. And please Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Olsen. ❤️🤗 And also maybe, Scarlett? Thanks 🙂

  4. concealer for what exactly? imaginary dark circles??? if anything she needs sunscreen, her face is much redder and darker than her neck. WOMEN EVERWHERE PLEASE PROTECT YOUR SKIN WITH ZINC OXIDE AT LEAST SPF 30!!!!! Chemical sunscreens have proven to be carcinogenic

  5. “I’d say the main ingredient of my
    makeup routine is saliva…”
    That’s how you become someone’s favourite human 👍

  6. Way to make positively powerful choices, beauty (you truly are)! The Expressionist Liquid Liner + Expressionist Mascara = Wonder Duo!

  7. We love seeing you use our safe, nontoxic, good-for-you cosmetics, Olivia! Thank you for letting our products be part of your positive beauty routine! #BEW3LL

  8. I love her, but I mean, this whole video would look a lot more “simple and natural” if there wasn’t a massive filter applied throughout the whole thing.

  9. I love how minimalistic most of these actresses are with wearing makeup, as compared to Instagram/Youtube makeup gurus.

  10. Recently found out my main ingredient for my eyebrows is literally saliva. And I also use my fingers for my face. Nice

  11. I have clear skin, I don’t uuse makeup honestly. and my secret is one fruit everyday and fruit and water and diy’s that’s it 🙂

  12. she seems lovely here but i feel like we could use something other than wasting a whole wet wipes for that tiny eyeliner mistake

  13. She is so down to earth, like her attitude towards make up, not like all beauty gurus with tons of highlighter everywhere. So inspiring and genuine video, absolutely love it!😍

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