Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Guide to Perfect Baby Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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The British supermodel provides a play-by-play of her five-minute beauty routine, from the secrets behind her supernatural skin to the lip-plumping shade she swears by.

Filmed at the Standard

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Guide to Perfect Baby Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

100 thoughts on “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Guide to Perfect Baby Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue”

  1. Rosie is great but it really bugged me when she said she was OCD about her eyebrows. OCD is a serious mental illness and I know a lot of people are not informed about it and what it really is but Vogue is a professional magazine and I would expect them to know better and cut that part out or something. :/

  2. I like how the supermodels just use their fingers to blend their make-up. Never found it feasible to own 100 blending sponges and 1000 brushes that the beauty bloggers do.

  3. Ugly. Use more makeup.

    Edit: sorry I don’t think that would help much since your face shape especially your cheeks look hideous. So idk.

  4. Rosie, I think Motherhood agrees with you! I love your routine and most natural look. Be well fellow Aries beauty!

  5. If you’re cheap: fractionated coconut oil, then aloe vera gel. Done. Like you just woke up. Makeup optional. Use cotton square with toner daily for cleansing.

  6. Rosie, you’re not “OCD about your eyebrows”. You’re just picky about how they look. OCD is a medical diagnosis. Please learn the difference.

  7. “Hi everyone, It’s Rosie. I’m here in New York” *jump cut* “I’m going to show you” *jump cut* “my day to day beauty routine”. Haha, it’s funny how many clips they use to form a sentence.

  8. The one u have on is better for night, it’s looking muddy in the daylight. Unless applied lightly. U know glossier is trash that’s y u popped ur lips after applying it like some African tribe woman.

  9. Love the video ❤️ she’s an absolute stunner

    I really hope Romee Strijd, Red Velvet, Joan smalls, Donatella Versace, Candice Swanepoel, or like Anna Wintour do something like this too!

  10. let’s be real, she’s not beautiful. don’t get me wrong, she’s not ugly she’s ok. not a VS material tho

  11. Product Breakdown:

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    Erborian Glow
    Erborian BB 5-in-1 (Dore)
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    Rosie For Autograph Concealer
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  12. Hiya, this method appears to be very tough, there’s a very easy method. Go to google and type: “Blast4beauty”. You’ll find plenty of of unheard information given here.

  13. Some celebs have no idea what they are doing when showing their routine, Rosie on the other hand did a great job! Props to her!

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