Squeaky Clean Brushes!

4Feb - by My Touch Digital - 98 - In Howto & Style Makeup How-To
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I combined the oil painting and makeup brush cleaning technique together. This is the most effective and inexpensive (in my opinion) way to cleaning makeup brushes. I hope this is helpful, sorry for taking so long to make this video! If you are constantly breaking out, maybe you should check to see if your brushes are properly clean!

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Disclaimer – The Brush Guard sponsored this contest. I’ve been a supporter of the brush guard, even used it for my watercolor brushes (not just makeup). Everything else I bought and I am not affiliated with.

98 thoughts on “Squeaky Clean Brushes!”

  1. I find that olive oil leaves natural hair brushes oily after they dry. It works better for synthetic ones. Does anyone find that? Is there any way to prevent it?

  2. wow good thing i found this video! this is REALLY helpful and unpretentious unlike the recent ones where they use those expensive brush cleaners.

  3. I like to utilize a soft brush to applying my make-up. I buy my brush from here
    It feel so soft and I love it. I got it on affordable price and complimentary shipping. I am become a make-up addict because of this brush set :-RRB-.

  4. Although she is 100% freaking gorgeous and very much goals then and now, compared to now, she use to have a rounder face. Either way she’s beautiful!!!😍👌

  5. Uhm… I think I’m a bit late for the contest? Can I still join?

    But seriously, does anyone know how to place the brushes upside down without buying those guards?

  6. A few days ago i walked into art class and i saw the wet brushes standing up.
    I told my art teacher that keeping wet brushes standing will ruin the brushes.
    She said “i know” and she walked away.
    The next day her brushes were all ruined and she blamed it on me.

  7. I have to inform on this brushes, I saw someone say it before
    I already buy two brush set on that place, and never disappointed. You should buy it too

  8. Now a days the manufacturers are selling brush cleaners and taking your money while cleaning your brushes are as easy as using Dawn and evoo.

  9. See, this is how you make a sponsored video. I didn’t even know about the existence of brush guards before this video, and now I want them.

  10. This is the very first video I watched when I started learning how to use brushes. I still wash my brushes this way except I now use coconut oil instead of olive oil. Thank you Michele for teaching me this

  11. It is 2017 I was about 9 or 10 when I first watched this video I am 19 now and I use this method til this day to clean my makeup brushes!

  12. Now that I’m a lot older I realize that a lot of what she’s saying is bullshit that she made up but back then nobody questioned it bc she was the only makeup artist on YouTube haha

  13. she makes a big deal about drying the brush with the brush drying upside down but when she rinsed the brushes the water was going directly into the ferrel… :/

  14. this technique is the best… it works for me too.. i have been doing this for a year now and my brushes are perfect and looks always new and works perfect….

    thanks mishelle xxx

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