The 30 Step Kylie Jenner Beauty Routine

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Get ready with me! A step-by-step guide to recreate Kylie Jenner’s flawless makeup and fashion look. Subscribe:
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If you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner’s makeup looks so perfect all the time, we have the
answer. The social media queen gave her Snapchat followers a breakdown on how she goes from makeup-free to all dolled up in just a few easy steps. If you’re ready to emulate Kylie’s look, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions in the video.

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100 thoughts on “The 30 Step Kylie Jenner Beauty Routine”

  1. “If you ever wondered why Kylie Jenner looks so perfect all the time, we have the answer”…Yea it’s called *plastic surgery* LOOL stop fooling yourselves with this family and others like them!

  2. Can anyone suggest me a good foundation that is light , covers freckles and takes redness around the nose area please

  3. that’s too much.. I don’t have patient… I just use concealer daily, great skin don’t need too much .. She is beautiful…

  4. I’m completely lost now, I never really see this girl, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS! Make up is sooo complicated, I’m so glad I’ll never wear it, and if you say “But what about your prom date, or even a date?” well you got another thing coming, I’m not attractive so I won’t be able to get one, it’s a win win for me. It hurts but what ever, what’s this girl even famous for, and no I don’t have ANY social media accounts, my parents are just worried for me, like any other parent. If your parents don’t care about you, I am sooooo sorry, you don’t know me but I care for you…

  5. Woooooooooow just 30 steps there sure are easy…… yeah right little did they know I don’t do my makeup on steps I feel my makeup steps defining on my mood

  6. Will I be using Kylies makeup routine? No I’m sorry…I actually like the face I wake up with in the morning and don’t have to make a new one…plus I actually have to work.

  7. I think celeb lives are sad, like they have no life, all they do is look good all day and become dumb, and unfocused because they only see themselves. They don’t speak of saving the world or anything about being yourself, they push glamour and wonder why everyone has self esteem issues and girls are becoming strippers to get rich.

  8. 1.this is uneccassary one got time to do that
    3. everyone does their makeup different
    4.she looks better natural anyways she don’t need all that makeup plus this is offensive as it is as she is trying to say that u need to follow her and be her in order to be pretty which is a very bad message to young girls

  9. Everyone here wants to look like kylie😂I’m like I’m Asian I don’t want to look like her I just want to see how crazy her beauty routine is

  10. Don’t understand how obsessed people are with Kylie. Like people aren’t this obsessed with Kendall, Khloe or Kourtney. Kim I understand because her look is much harder to achieve but Kylie looks like a regular teenager to me. Heck, if you broke down my makeup routine, it would probably be 30+ steps lol

  11. I love how they say “That’s all you need to look like Kylie” I’m like “IT FREAKING TAKES HER 500 SELFIES TO GET THE PERFECT ONE AND THATS ONLY ONE STEP”

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