the truth behind my “beauty routine”

25Jan - by My Touch Digital - 99 - In Howto & Style Makeup How-To
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this is the truth behind all of the things that I do to my appearance, and the message I have about it.

what I get done and where (in case your interested!)
threading: any brow art store at the mall
spray tan:

My filming equipment!

Uber code (get $20 off your first ride with it): MonicaC41
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99 thoughts on “the truth behind my “beauty routine””

  1. Girl you feel embarrassed that you talk about this and I feel embarrassed that I don’t do any of this.

    …but actually I want to start getting regular brow waxes at least so more power to us!

  2. I’m grateful I have naturally long thick eyelashes so I don’t have to mess with them. It’s one less thing for me to worry about ha!

  3. It was so nice meeting you at the women’s march!! I would’ve loved to talk more but it just didn’t seem like the place and I didn’t want to take you away from your friends!! You just consider doing a meetup near Seattle soon!!

  4. Yes, please do a video on your waxing experience! I’ve thought of this many times yet I’m not necessarily afraid but I don’t know what to expect. Ps your services are nothing to be ashamed of. I get shellac done on my finger nails about every two weeks, brows every 3-4weeks, it’s relaxing and I love myself already but this just helps make me feel put together

  5. Your lash job looks really good. It stands out a lot. But I think you are beautiful with and without treatments. Do whatever makes you happy, I like to pamper myself as well 😊

  6. MONICA NEEDS TO BE ON RIVERDALE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. I’m the kind of person that just takes care of their nails and brows like every two week and shaves,I don’t go anywhere and that is just enough for me but I loved this video,especially the ending was bomb,great job Monica πŸ™‚ loving it

  8. You should try getting sugared instead of waxed sometime. Sugar Plum has a few locations around Seattle and they’re really good. I’ve found it is less painful and lasts longer.

  9. I just cut about 11 inches off my hair, and some people act like I “copied them” or something, when really, I was just bored. I had long hair my whole life, and I wanted short hair. You look beautiful both waysπŸ’–

  10. My favorite video so far. Can’t believe this because it’s only about beauty but you seem so honest and I love your skills with the music and editing

  11. Nah girl, ditch the waxing. Laser is LIFE CHANGING. Way less painful…and the hair is actually going away. After 4-5 sessions, I have WAYYYY less hair and when I shave it, it takes forever to grow back. It’s just the best. Make the switch to laser hair removal!

  12. oh my gosh monica, i love that you admitted and explained how these are services you dont need, but honestly you do not go overboard with things. i honestly think that what youre doing in life and what services you do for yourself is amazing and something that i would do. I love the purple and feel it fits you, the rest of the services, one you are a youtuber so you are constantly being documented and although you dont need all of that to look good cause you already do, it just makes us feel better and happier and that is all you need in life. if you have the money to do something like that then do it, if you enjoy it, do it. no one should be putting you down for any of that. love ya xoxo

  13. Girl you do you. Ignore the haters. We all like to do things beauty wise that are fun/that we wanna do and make us feel better.

  14. Monica are you still doing the gymnastics Channel with the more elite team in Canada? I’ve been really excited for that to come iut

  15. Love the montage shots at the end. Made me smile to see you looking so pretty, happy, and confident. The cinematography was spot-on as usual.

  16. love love purple on you! I think it’s totally fine if people want a little beauty change for themselves. I got my hair dyed the first time last year and honestly, best decision because it was so fun having a change!

  17. I love your style. You are such a strong,smart,talented, kind hearted soul,Beautiful young woman. I love your vlogs and how positive you are.Hugs

  18. This girls videos are very youthful, she is afraid to say what line of work she does, to afford frequent fights. Not asking address to your job. Or even a company name, next time give direct answers to questions and not we are not all underaged teens, I forget she is only 22 cant expect much from her, what has she gone through in life, nothing

  19. You are raw and real Monica! The fact that you are so honest about your beauty routine makes your natural beauty just shine more! I WISH I could rock purple like you do! Don’t listen to anyone who says you’re fake because you invest in yourself. I think it’s a wonderful thing to take time for yourself. More people should!

  20. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous Monica, I like that the things you get done to yourself are simply hygiene/self maintenance things and just end up enhancing you. Don’t be embarrassed!

  21. You should try Flawless Beauty Bar in SLU or Downtown Kirkland for spray tans! They airbrush you and it has never come out blotchy or discolored (not saying yours is) and looks overall really natural. You can either go in completely naked or with whatever pieces of clothing that make you feel comfortable.

  22. I love your videos! I think it is important to do things that make you feel good about yourself. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. And I love the purple hair!

  23. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating yourself. You looked great before and after! I’m so in love with your hair and I might just try the eyelashes….

  24. I love the hair, I want to get it purple now, also the eyelashes really do make a difference, I use the extensions and I feel like I don’t need to do anything else to my face

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